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Should you take an SUV for a city drive?

Choosing a car is not easy! A huge variety of brands and models can easily be confusing. When choosing a vehicle, you need to take into account a huge number of factors, you need to think about safety, convenience and of course comfort.

You’ve probably paid attention to how many SUVs are driving around the city now, have you ever wondered how expensive it is?

We all know that the main property of large SUV is excellent cross-country ability on difficult roads and even off-road. An SUV will easily drive where a regular city car of a passenger type cannot. So why buy such a car solely for city driving?

The cost of such a car is quite big, in some parts, a jeep is an indicator of the status of the owner. Having decided to opt for an SUV, you must take into account its dimensions. It should be noted that it will not be very convenient to move around the narrow city streets on such a huge car and finding a suitable parking space will be generally problematic. Besides, the larger engine in the SUV is very wasteful of fuel. The best way out of the situation was found by marketers in tandem with automotive engineers - these are compact crossovers especially as a car rental in Dubai.

The crossover SUV is a more comfortable and cost-effective analogue of the classic SUV. Of course, It won’t be able to compete with a large SUVs on cross-country ability, but it will be perfect for a city. The obvious advantages of the crossover include more economical fuel consumption and improved behavior on the road. The psychological factor plays an important role here.

As statistics show, the driver feels more confident and safe while driving a large car.

So, summing up, you can come to the following opinion - buying an SUV is definitely worth those people who have a need to travel outside of the city in rural areas. For exclusively urban use especially for car hire purposes, a crossover is a perfect choice. Of course, the final choice is only yours! It all depends on the individual requirements of the driver. If you are interested to rent a small SUV, Yeti Car Rental has a good options in that category available for rent in Dubai.