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Rent a car in UAE

Rent A Car In UAE.

Whatever one may say, the car gives us great freedom! Having a vehicle at your disposal, you can travel exactly the way you want, regardless of time or other circumstances.
The Emirates is just a godsend for a tourist! Here you can find a huge number of interesting places that must be visited. It should be noted that the prices for excursions "bite" a little, and it is not always convenient to adjust to someone, wait for a group or a guide, and time constraints also makes you nervous!
The ideal solution is a rent a car in UAE, where you can easily choose a suitable car based on your financial capabilities. If we consider car hire from the point of view of the economy, it turns out to be very profitable. The cost of a standard excursion from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is $ 210, when a decent car rental in UAE can be rented for 24 hours for $ 20-30. The price of gasoline in the UAE is also very pleasant, especially if we draw a parallel with other countries. You can almost endlessly describe the advantages of traveling with a rent car:
excellent condition of the roads;
driving culture at the highest level;
complete absence on the road of people in alcoholic intoxication;
a wide range of excellent, modern and new vehicles;
a huge number of available parking lots.
If you are on tourist visa In order to rent a car in the UAE, you will need an international driver's license (IDP), as well as a national ( Home country) driver's license. Driving without an IDP is strictly prohibited! Do not forget about your passport, a printed voucher for car rental (if the car was booked via the Internet), a personalized international credit card. When renting a vehicle for a larger number of days, it will turn out to be good to save money, many car rental companies in Dubai offer good discounts. When booking, be sure to pay attention to the rented car conditions, there, as a rule, all the conditions and restrictions are spelled out in great detail.
Distinctions of traffic rules
Each country has certain individual characteristics of the rules of behavior on the road. Before getting behind the wheel, you need to study them in detail.
The good news is that there are signs everywhere on the roads, so it will be quite easy to find your way. Never ignore the traffic lights, a red light can cost you $ 1,000 or more.
The leftmost lane is considered high speed, if you want to drive at medium speed, you need to take the lane to the right.
It is prohibited to drive under influence of alcohol in UAE.
Prepare to pay a fine ranging from $ 110 to $ 150 without wearing your seatbelt. All passengers must be wearing, no exceptions!
If you are traveling with small children, take care of a car seat. Inform your car rental company representative in advance.
Keep in mind that smart radars are installed everywhere. The devices record not only speed violations, but also any other (neglect of the seat belt, talking on a mobile phone while driving, etc.).
In the event of an accident, you must immediately contact the car rental office!