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Modern safety equipment for motorists

When a new model of a car is developed, it is necessarily tested for safety, for this, crash tests are needed. Many well-known manufacturing companies devote a lot of time and resources to improving the safety of the driver and passengers.

There are times when an accident occurred far from the city, it is not always possible to call for help or call rescuers. The driver must be able to get out of the vehicle without outside help, so engineers have developed a unique equipment. This equipment includes an accelerometer, the device monitors sudden movements of the car. For example, if during an accident the car brakes sharply, the sensor will record the incident.

How does the device recognize an emergency? After fixing the accident, the device communicates with the operational services using satellite communication. Using the multimedia system, the operator will be able to establish communication with the driver or passengers through the standard speakers. Thus, the dispatcher will be able to communicate, if necessary, call you for help. Even if you are completely disoriented and have no idea where you are at the moment, the system will be able to find the coordinates.

To optimize passive safety, engineers have developed inflatable roof struts. Structural elements of the rack are made of very thin metal, which folds into a kind of accordion. When an accident occurs, the control unit transmits a signal, then the squib is activated. After such an “explosion”, the accordion straightens out, the cross-section of the rack increases significantly along with the bearing capacity.

Another new solution is the airbag, which is mounted under the car's suspension. This works in cases where an accident cannot be avoided and you have to brake very sharply. When activated, such a cushion can lift the vehicle by about 80 millimeters, and the air brake is also activated. This equipment minimizes vehicle damage as well as passenger injury. There is also a door airbag, this is a kind of inflatable profile made of special metal. During an accident, the squib is triggered, causing the door spar to inflate. The advantages of such a beam include an increase in the deformed zone and a decrease in the weight of the door itself. As a result of the impact, the driver will be less injured.