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Rent a car in UAE

Leasing and Long-Term Car Rental Services in Dubai

Do you want to improve your employee benefits scheme? Or you want to enjoy the benefits of the latest car model? Good idea! Leasing a car is an option of purchasing a new one. But should you opt for short or long-term services? Although many people believe that they can only afford to rent a vehicle for a short period. But the cost of long term car rental Dubai is also attractive.

Suppose you are running a small or enterprise business. In that case, our car hire in Dubai will help you to improve efficiency without involving in long-term investment, and the costs associated with maintaining a new car. We provide different brands of vehicles. Remember, as technology changes, circumstances change. So, why don’t you advance and go for the latest model?

What services do we offer?


Regardless of the car model you select, you will be sure of safe. We offer insurance included in the monthly rate. So, you will not be responsible for selecting the type of insurance you prefer. We ease the process for you. All you need is to accept our terms, and you will enjoy your road trip. More information about insurance is available on Terms and Conditions page.

Maintenances and repair

If you buy your own car, you will be responsible for any maintenance or repair that might occur. But with our company, we cover these for you. We are a monthly car rental in Dubai whose aim is to ensure that you get 24/7 road assistance. In other words, we will be there in case of an accident.

Customer services

Whether you want to order our long-term car rental in Dubai or need some road assistance, we can always help you. We have a reliable customer support team that will attend to your issue on time.

Why our company?

Affordable prices

Are you looking for a cheap car rental in Dubai? Then, we are your solution. We provide car leasing services in the whole of Dubai. We understand that some people have fixed budgets. That’s why we give you the most honest prices in the market. We don’t stop here. We ensure that you get a permanent discount solution.

Multiple brands

When purchasing a brand new car, you will get limited choices. The dealers will offer you cars depending on your budget. However, with our services, you will have comprehensive choices. Whether it is a SUV, van, minibus, or sports cars, you will have one that will suit your needs.

High-quality brands

Are you looking to buy and lease your car? If so, you’re in the right place. We are a leading car-leasing Dubai company that deals with high-quality car brands. We will facilitate your car buying process to ensure you get the best offer in line with your requirements. Also, we help you get the right customers to lease. With us, you can expect seamless purchasing and leasing services of your dream car.

If you’re looking for leasing and long-term rental cars, talk to us today for a free quote. Whether you’re an individual, company, or small business, we are here to offer you a perfect solution.