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Are smart cars - A Boom or Threat?

Should you blindly trust modern “smart” cars? - this question worries many motorists. Definitely, such cars are several times safer than those our parents drove! A modern car is equipped with intelligent systems. Some models even have special sensors that can monitor the driver's level of drunkenness, and it's worth noting that this is a very useful feature.

Such a vehicle can be controlled from a smartphone, they are easily repaired and in the event of an accident, airbags are automatically deployed. It would seem, so why be afraid, because with such bells and whistles, the probability of a lethal outcome is minimal. But everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance!

Some reputable security experts claim that any device that connects to the Internet is easily compromised by a good hacker ... If necessary, attackers can easily gain access to the driver's personal information, track the movement of the car, and the like. This threatens with sad consequences, because a hacked gadget is unlikely to be able to kill you physically, but a disabled vehicle is quite. When hacking the car system, you can easily close or open the car remotely, adjust the speed, disable the brakes

Imagine how scary it is to be on the high-speed lane in a completely uncontrollable car!

Another negative point is the desire of some automakers to collect and use for their own purposes, personal information about the vehicle owner. Here we are talking about the fact that they on-board computer, without your consent, collects and transmits all information about your movements.

It would seem, but what is so terrible about that ?! After analyzing the collected data, you can build a custom portrait. The data obtained by American engineers as a result of testing the integrated software show that 98% of the software has serious defects. Here's a well-known fact, quite recently, certain holes were found in the BMW Connected Drive software. The driver can remotely control the settings of the air conditioner, block door locks, access other information regarding the car.

Agree, great opportunities open up for an experienced hacker! This is a loophole for hijackers, which is a sin not to use.

We in no way suggest that you ignore the progress and transfer to the iron "trough"! Undoubtedly, such machines are very convenient and safer, but it's definitely worth thinking about.