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1. Burj Khalifa  - the highest building in the world and number one place to visit for every tourists coming to Dubai. It is possible to use metro to get there, but metro station is quite far so it will require to walk till the Burj Khalifa entrance, but if you are coming by car you can park the car in a huge parking of Dubai Mall, and go to entrance of Burj Khalifa which is located inside the Dubai Mall. It is important not to forget where have you left your car, otherwise you will spend a lot of time after, trying to find where your car is parked. Purchase tickets in advance online, so you don’t have to wait. Insider info: you can book a table in At.Mosphere restaurant, which is located higher than the tour in Burj Khalifa and enjoy your meal together with an amazing view and no queues. Advance reservation required, valet parking available фе Burj Khalifa main entrance. 

2. Parks and resorts. Dubai is famous not only because of its beaches, but also with parks. Here you can find known worldwide parks: LegoLand (, Ferrari World (, Warner Brothers (, IMG world ( and also popular in UAE parks and zoos: Global Village (, Miracle garden (, Dubai Safari Park (, Garden Glow (, Al Air Zoo ( Moreover, many aqua parks: Wild Wadi (, Aquaventure ( and YAS water world ( Most of them located in different parts of Dubai, some are in Abu-Dhabi. The most affordable way to reach them is to rent a car in Dubai. 

3. Shopping. Dubai is one of the popular destinations for shopping. Here you can find one of the biggest shopping malls, with brands from all of the world. If you want to find all-year-sale, visit The Outlet Village by Meraas ( and Dubai Outlet Mall ( All malls have dedicated parkings, thus car rental is the easiest way to enjoy your favourite shops.  

4. Beaches. Not all of the hotels have their own beach, but they provide transfer to the beach. If you want to visit different beaches and be free from bus schedule, rent a car in Dubai and explore the shoreline by yourself. You will find many beautiful places, cafes, water sports and beach clubs.

5. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. One of the most beautiful sight of UAE located in Abu Dhabi. Tours and buses are available, but car rental will allow you to spend there as much time as you want and visit other places in Abu-Dhabi the same day. Parking is available under the mosque, follow the signs for visitor Parking. 

* City Taxi is available in Dubai together with UBER and Careem, but the rate is high. If you plan to go out from the hotel at least ones per day, renting a car is most affordable option, especially if you are renting for a week and more.

* Don’t forget, that If you are traveling with kids, carseats are required by law and not all of the taxi’s provide this service. (If you rent a car, please mention if carseat is required to allow us to provide age-appropriate seat in advance.)

Things to remember if you decide to rent a car in Dubai:

* check your driving licence, it has to be valid. International driving permit is required, depend on the country of issue. Detailed lest of countries that can drive with their domestic drivers license can be found on

* Check your card, it has to be Credit card with limit more than 1500aed for deposit blocking. Business and Luxury cars require higher deposit. Make sure your bank allow international transactions in advance. Visa and Mastercard accepted everywhere, but American Express cards are not.

* Book your car in advance with hotel delivery. It can be tricky to find required car during high season. Delivery to your hotel is more comfortable, as you don’t have to hurry, have time to observe the car and get rest before driving in a new country. We deliver cars for free in some areas, contact us for additional information about delivery.

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